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If I’m quiet

  • I’m plotting.
  • I’m lurking.
  • I’m making icons/gifs.
  • I’m too tired.
  • I’m trying to do drafts and probably not succeeding.
  • I’m making up other accounts/or are on another account.
  • I’m reading fanfics and I can’t stop.
  • I’m trying to have a normal life, is it working? To be decided.
  • I’m listening to a friend and try to help them with their problems on Skype.
  • Muse is not cooperating.

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neuroticcurls asked: Hi you're amazing, ok bye -runs off and hides-

Oh my goodness that isn’t true! 

              -runs after you- 

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Just a heads up lately I have been more active on my sideblog  so if you want to roleplay with me just go and follow me there ;)
ixwantyousore (Christian Grey) 

     If you want Klaus message me and we can do something :) 

Because of killerqueenpetrova i’m debating to make my Christian into it’s own blog instead of sideblog…..decisions argsdf

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I’m bored and trying to get fully awake.
So F L A S H   G I V E A W A Y  T I M E

So out of the first twenty that reblog I will pick five winners

  • Two will get twenty icons of an fc of their choice
  • Three will get promo graphics for an account of their choice
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Sorry lovelies for not being active with Klaus, I’m enjoying the interactions with ixwantyousore……coming up with a verse page for my Christian, so if you want to roleplay with him just message me or like this so we can come up with a plot.